- Public Relations -

We are relationship builders and pride ourselves on creating connections  that last. Clients value our database and friendships of the industry's finest.  We mingle seamlessly with the top journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and social media influencers. 


Blogging  •  Branding  •  Brand Partnerships  •  Community Management  •  
Consumer Promotions  •   Content Strategy  •  Copy Writing  •  
Corporate Communications  •  Creative Direction  •  DeskSides  •  E-blasts  •  International Press Junkets  •  Media Relations  •  Media Training  •  Media Tours  •  
Press Events  •  Press Kits  •  Press Releases  •  Resort Launches  •  
Product Placements


- Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy - 

Our commitment to provide premium digital exposure is second to none.   We build online strategies that deliver results.


Blogging  •  Blogger Relations  •  Branding    Community Management  •  
Competitive Analysis  •  Content Strategy & Support  •  Content Development  •  Influencer Engagement  •  Metrics & Custom Reporting  •   Online Social Consulting •  Platform Buildout & Strategy  •  Promoted Posts  •  Social Media Strategy  •  
Social Media Campaigns & Promotions  •  Social Media Training  •  Social Audits  •  Social Listening Practices  •  Tone & Manner Development  •  Website Development


- Influencer Marketing -

Our relationships with an exclusive network of influencers, thought leaders and media elite will assure your brand message reaches an engaged and interested audience.  We boost your online visibility and quality traffic that will lead to increased sales.     


Influencer Engagement  •  Influencer Management  •  Strategic Development  •  Promotional Campaigns  •  Research  •  Outreach  •  Influencer Casting & Placement


- Creative Brand Marketing & Content -

Content branding has revolutionized the way marketers, brands and organizations generate interest, reach their audience and convert prospects.  Substance matters!  We produce truly dynamic content that inspires across every channel in digital, print, social and broadcast.  


Brand Blogging  •  Branding  •  Brand Partnerships  •  Collateral  •  Creative Content  •  Content Strategy    Photo Shoots    Website Development    Video Production   


- Event & Promotion Conceptualization - 

Your event is an essential reflection of your brand.  Let us put it center stage. 


Brand Launches  •  Charity  •  Corporate Events  •  Creative Direction  •  
Event Conception  •  Event Branding  •  Event Execution  •  Event Logistics  •  
Social Media Activation  •  Press Conferences  •  Press Events    Black Tie Galas  •  
Private Parties  •  Intimate Client Dinners   


- Crisis Management & Media Training -

In a crisis we are by your side to help you act quickly and respond appropriately. We ensure you have the skills to make your message reach    the end user. Let us show you how to be quotable.   


Media Landscape Training •  Crisis Communications    Key Message Development  •  Role of the PR Professional  •  Role of the Spokesperson  •  Effective Storytelling  •  Bridging  •  Ambush Interview Preparation  •  Advanced Interview Skills   
Owning the Conversation  •  Broadcast Interview Skills  •  Phone Interview Skills  •  
Live Interview Skills  •  Video Recording and Playback